Kisii Women Representative Dorice Donya Aburi has expressed concern over increased cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the region.

Speaking during an event dubbed, Donya Charity Mission at Igonga grounds in Bonchari Constituency, Aburi said that incidences of violence being meted on local women were on the rise as compared to men.

‘We have embarked on creating awareness on matters of GBV so that women and men know how to deal with the cases whenever they occur,’ she noted.

The Woman Rep encouraged residents to report the perpetrators of GBV to the relevant authorities for action instead of sweeping the matter under the carpet.

Aburi said that several cases of defilement remained unreported in the county, largely due to fear of the offenders, mostly relatives who are bread winners, spending years behind bars.

‘When a child is defiled, especially by a close family member, the case is usually not forwarded to the authorities because the offender is likely to be jailed for several years in accordance with the law and also bring shame to the family,’ the Woman Rep said.

The Sexual Offenses Act (2006) recognizes defilement as a sexual offence and convicted offenders can face a minimum sentence of fifteen years, while a maximum penalty will be life imprisonment.

In addition, Aburi urged the security agencies to assist victims of GBV, get justice instead of turning them away whenever they report such cases, especially if the perpetrators are known to them.

During the event, at least 400 families from vulnerable households received donations of assorted foodstuffs and clothing to cushion them from the current high cost of living, being witnessed in the country.

Source: Kenya News Agency