WFP Welcomes US$21 Million Contribution From China For Emergency Food Assistance Across Eight Countries

BEIJING � The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today welcomed a US$21 million contribution from the Government of the People’s Republic of China to provide urgent food and nutrition assistance to people affected by food crises across eight countries in Africa and Asia.

The contribution will assist approximately 1.65 million vulnerable people, including refugees and internally displaced in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Iran, Niger, Pakistan, Syria and Afghanistan. The funds will enable WFP to provide critical food rations such as rice, wheat, millet, pulses and oil, as well as to distribute specialized nutritious food to prevent malnutrition among refugee children under five.

China is becoming an increasingly significant and valued donor to WFP, and the government’s generosity comes at a time when increasing numbers of people around the globe are desperately seeking food, safety, shelter and hope for tomorrow, said Sixi Qu, WFP China Representative. China’s support is a life-line for these vulnerable people who rely on WFP’s ability to continue covering their most basic food needs.

WFP requires timely and sufficient funding to address the vital food needs of people left furthest behind in these eight countries. In addition to its emergency operations, WFP is also scaling up support for long-term recovery by focusing on livelihoods, nutrition and improving access to education for children by providing school meals.

Source: World Food Programme