WFP Djibouti Country Brief, March 2021

In Numbers

385.2 mt of food assistance distributed USD 155,777 cash-based transfers made

USD 4.2 m six months (February – July 2021) net funding requirements

73,576 people assisted in March 2021

In February, WFP provided assistance to 73,576 people, including refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and vulnerable households in rural and urban areas, through unconditional in-kind food distributions and cash-based transfers (CBT) to meet their immediate food needs.

Operational Updates

General food assistance

• WFP, in coordination with UNHCR and the National Office for the Assistance to Refugees and Disaster Stricken People (ONARS), provided food assistance to refugees in the Ali Addeh, Holl Holl and Markazi refugee settlements. Refugees used SCOPE cards to retrieve their rations. This system contributes to improve the transparency throughout the distribution process.

• In March, WFP contracted 12 retailers in the regional capital cities to prepare the launch of SCOPE cards in Djibouti’s regions and support the food distribution process. The SCOPE cards should be distributed towards the end of April to 1,700 individuals.

COVID-19 response

• A total of 2,595 local households in rural areas received in-kind food assistance in to cover their food needs for both the months of March and April. This support is intended to cushion households from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated measures to tackle its spread,.

Food Assistance for Assets

• In April, WFP provided conditional food assistance to 6,120 beneficiaries in rural areas participating in the construction of 1,130 agricultural perimeters and soil regeneration activities during the months of January and February. In Godoria, in the North of the Country, participants support the regeneration of the mangrove.

School Feeding

• Following the successful handover of the financial management of the school feeding programme to the Government and the launch of the Integrated School Feeding Strategy (2020 – 2030), WFP is finalizing a national roadmap on school nutrition and school feeding activities. Consultations with the Government will help to identify challenges and avenues for partnership between WFP and the Ministry of Education.

Source: World Food Programme

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