War in Cameroon: Gov’t, UN dialogue on cooperations concerning reconstruction plan

The Cameroonian Government and United Nations, UN have dialogued and revisited the framework of their cooperation, including the points concerning the reconstruction plan of the Far North, North West, and South West Regions.

This discussion was during the third session of the Structured Political Dialogue which took place at the Ministry of foreign affairs (MINREX) last Thursday, June 8, 2023.

The event was co-chaired by the MINREX boss Lejeune Mbella Mbella and the Resident Coordinator of the System of the United Nations in Cameroon, Matthias Naab.

The aim of the Third Structured Political Dialogue between both parties was to set a blueprint to bolster the country’s reconstruction and development programs, CNA learned.

The deliberations also focused on the contribution of the United Nations Systems to the implementation of the reconstruction plan.

Minister Mbella Mbella said that “The cooperation framework will enable us to benefit from the UN expertise to boost developmental projects in the North West, South West, and Far North regions”.

Speaking to the press, the UN representative said the UN intends to support the government in several ways to achieve its objectives.

“The holding of this meeting is a testament to the quality and level of our relationship with the government. The presidential reconstruction program in the North West and South West and the special program for the Far North are very constructive programs by the government,” Matthias Naab said.

Two previous sessions have been held, the first in October 2016 and the latter in August 2018.

Source: Cameroon News Agency