TRIPOLI, UN Special Envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, on Sunday, visited southern Libya for the first time, since taking office in July, 2017, where he met with tribal elders, academics and local activists.

Salame confirmed that the UN Support Mission in Libya will open an office, in the eastern city of Benghazi, later this month, while expressing the hope to open an office in the southern city of Sabha, this year.

“We will work hard to make security arrangements, mediate between different parties and, if possible, resort to sanctions, if needed, in various parts of Libya, specifically the south,” Salame said.

Southern Libya suffers unprecedented insecurity due to theft, killing and kidnapping of foreign workers.

Salame said that, the time has come to “look for alternatives” and that “there is a possible convergence between the will of the Libyans and the will of the international community, to end this political stalemate.”

The UN envoy also highlighted the need to hold a national conference for the Libyans to express their desires “to be transformed by the UN Security Council and the international community, into resolutions binding to those who obstruct all our efforts.”

Despite signing a UN-sponsored political agreement in 2015, by the Libyan political factions, and the appointment of a unity government, Libya remains politically divided, amid insecurity and chaos.

Source: NAM News Network