Turkana County Boosts Development Budget To 49%

The County Government has increased its development budget allocation from 29% to 49% of the total budget, Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai has said.

Lomorukai emphasized that this adjustment in the first budget of his administration was aimed at fulfilling the county’s development agenda and ensuring tangible benefits for residents.

He said that his administration is committed to responsible management of public resources, with a focus on preventing misappropriation of funds earmarked for development projects.

Speaking during a church service and fundraising event at PAG Church Lodwar, the governor expressed concern about past practices, where development funds were spent only after recurrent funds were depleted.

He said: ‘This habit is what causes pending bills and will not be tolerated in this administration. No one will squander funds meant for projects intended to benefit our residents.’

The governor disclosed that the county had successfully settled 98% of pending bills inherited from the previous admi
nistration while assuring contractors of timely payments.

The county boss asked for support from religious leaders, urging them to pray for the unity agenda among Turkana leaders. He highlighted the success achieved so far, with over 90% of leaders working collaboratively.

He emphasized the importance of unity for effective service delivery. ‘My wish is that all Turkana leaders work together. I know that not all leaders agree with the agenda of unity because maybe they thrive working in isolation, but I am happy when I am working with the majority of the people,’ he stated.

The Governor, who was accompanied by the County First Lady Lillian Ekamais, insisted that it was the collective responsibility of clergy, elders, and residents to foster dialogue with leaders to ensure unity which was critical for the county to realise its development objectives.

Lodwar Township MCA Ruth Kuya attended the church function.

County officials present included County Executive for Tourism Elizabeth Loote, Chief Officer for
Preventive and Promotive Services Peter Lomorukai and Chief of Staff Peter Yoromoe.

Source: Kenya News Agency