The UN Mission denies accusations of bias

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) wishes to comment on a recent press statement released by the SPLA I/O and other social media comments accusing UNMISS of facilitating government operations against the SPLA in Opposition in South Sudan.

The Mission unconditionally denies the false and misleading assertions made both in the statement and associated with misrepresentative photographs that have been shared through social media. These photos depict a CTSAMM monitoring and verification team meeting with SPLA liaison officers in the context of their mandated work under the peace agreement in investigating violations of the ceasefire. UNMISS is likewise mandated by the Security Council to provide logistical support to the work of CTSAMM in the field.UNMISS is bound by strict codes of impartiality in the exercise of its duties in South Sudan. These standards stipulate that UNMISS operate without favor or bias towards any one group, fairly, transparently, and impartially, with the sole aim of achieving much-needed peace for all the people of South Sudan, regardless of affiliation.

The Mission reminds all sides that the UN is not a party to the conflict, and is in South Sudan to support the achievement of peace, noting that dangerous statements of this nature, not founded in fact, have the potential to incite backlash against the UN, while also discrediting the sacrifices of peacekeepers in South Sudan.

Source:United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).