The President thanks Members of the House of the People for Approving Prime Minister Khayre

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, His Excellency Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo), has welcomed the honorable Parliamentarians vote of approval for Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre.

The President appointed Mr. Khayre as the country’s Prime Minister on 23rd of February 2017 and in his opening address to formally open the first session of the nation’s 10th Parliament, he asked the honorable members to unanimously approve his choice of Prime Minister on the strength of his abilities to undertake the role effectively.

The president assured Parliamentarians that his pick for Prime Minister, Mr. Hassan Khayre, is the best choice given his proven record of leadership in his past roles both in the public and private sector.

Furthermore, the President understands that Prime Minister Kheyre is well informed of Somalia’s challenges and is committed to bringing forward and leading on the solutions to overcome them in a transparent, inclusive and transformative manner.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo) made absolutely clear to Parliament that his administration will work tirelessly towards achieving reconciliation and reconstruction, promoting and protecting Justice for all and offering the best possible support to the most vulnerable in society.

The President and Prime Minister look forward to working closely with Parliament to advance programs of action that will lead Somalia and its proud and resilient people towards stability, progress and prosperity.

The president once again calls on Somalis in the Diaspora, business community and civil society groups to take part in mitigation efforts for the people affected by the droughts.

Source: Federal Republic of Somalia – Office of the President.