The Bundestag Vows to Prop-up Ethiopia’s Reform, Modernizing Parliament

Addis Ababa Germany vowed to continue technical and financial support to Ethiopian parliament, Members of the National Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany (The Bundestag) said on Monday

A delegation with 10 members of the Bundestag is in Ethiopia for two-day official visit.

The delegation held discussion with members of Foreign Relations and Peace Standing Committee of Ethiopian parliament on ways of cementing the parliament-to-parliament bilateral relationship between the two countries.

Andreas Mattfeldt, head of the delegation told ENA that the Bundestag commended Ethiopia’s far-reaching political and economic reforms including for having a vibrant legislature.

Nothing that Germany has a strong democratic system due to its robust legislature that comprised from different political views, his country is ready to give all necessary support for Ethiopia in terms of digitalizing its parliamentary system and financial supply.

Appreciating the move made by the House of Peoples’ Representatives in amending some of the past restrictive laws and proclamations, he said the initiative would enable to cultivate a genuine democratic system.

Andreas Mattfeldt added that Ethiopia has intact economic potential and the country has been creating favorable investment environment, and he pledged the Bundestag will call on Germany’s companies to invest in Ethiopia.

Shitaye Minale, Deputy Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives said the House has welcomed the technical and financial support as the house embarked on deep reforms.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency