Sudan Recognizes Role of Ethiopia, AU in Peaceful Transition

Addis Ababa Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs recognized yesterday the role Ethiopia and the African Union played in the peaceful transition of the country at a ceremony held in Khartoum.

The ministry honored Ethiopia and the African Union for the contribution and the key role they played during the negotiation in the presence of high officials and directors general of the ministry.

A press release sent to ENA by Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the recognition was given to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia’s Special Envoy to Sudan Ambassador Mohammed Dirir, and Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Sudan Shiferaw Jarso as well as the AU Special Envoy Mohammed El Hacen Lebatt.

Acting Sudanese Foreign Affairs Minister, Ambassador Omer Dahab Fadl Mohamed gave the awards in the presence of TMC’s Political Affairs Representative General Shams EL Din Kabbashi.

According to the acting foreign minister, the recognition ceremony would help create economic ties between the countries and serve as a good base for the efforts to strengthen cooperation in different sectors.

It is to be recalled that the peace negotiation between the Transitional Military Council and the opposition alliance was concluded in an agreement.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency