State Minister of Labor Leads Somali Delegation in Arab Forum for Equality, Advocating for Social Development

The Somali delegation, led by State Minister of Labor Yusuf Mohamed Adan, recently took part in the second Arab Forum for Equality held at the United Nations Headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon. The delegation, which also included experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and representatives from the Office of the Prime Minister, actively engaged in panel discussions focused on promoting equality and addressing social challenges.

During the forum, State Minister Yusuf Mohamed Adan and other delegation members underscored Somalia’s unwavering commitment to social development and the importance of international collaboration. They expressed gratitude to the Government of Lebanon and the United Nations Office in Beirut for organizing the event, which provided a platform for fruitful discussions on crucial issues.

The Somali delegation’s participation in the panel discussions enabled them to share valuable insights and perspectives on various topics related to equality and social issues. The forum served as an opportunity to highlight Somalia’s efforts in agriculture and food security, with the presence of experts from the Ministry of Agriculture providing additional expertise.

State Minister Yusuf Mohamed Adan emphasized the significance of addressing social challenges and promoting equality, particularly in Somalia’s ongoing development endeavors. He expressed the government’s deep gratitude for the support received from international partners, highlighting the importance of collaboration in achieving sustainable and inclusive social development.

The delegation’s representatives from the Office of the Prime Minister also contributed to the discussions, shedding light on the government’s priorities and initiatives aimed at promoting equality and advancing social development. Their valuable inputs further emphasized the commitment of the Somali government to address key societal issues.

The Somali delegation’s active engagement in the Arab Forum for Equality exemplifies the country’s determination to prioritize social development, improve the well-being of its citizens, and foster international partnerships. By participating in such important events, Somalia aims to strengthen ties with Arab nations and enhance cooperation for its overall progress.

The discussions held during the forum will undoubtedly contribute to shaping policies and strategies that address social inequalities and foster inclusive growth in Somalia. The insights gained from the panel discussions, along with the expertise of the delegation, will be instrumental in advancing Somalia’s social development agenda.

As the Somali delegation concludes its participation in the Arab Forum for Equality, the government reaffirms its commitment to working tirelessly to ensure social progress, foster equality, and improve the lives of all Somali citizens. Through continued collaboration and international partnerships, Somalia is determined to achieve sustainable and inclusive social development that benefits its people and contributes to regional stability.

Source: Somali National News Agency