PRETORIA, The 7th South African Military and History Festival was held in Pretoria Monday with memorabilia from the country’s various wars on display at the Voortrekker Monument.

The highlight of the day was the fly-past of border helicopters which was a treat for military enthusiasts. On display were authentic military antiques and original war collectables dating back to 1830.

The people who attended the festival thought it was an awesome day. We enjoyed the fair. It’s nicely located and open and I bought an old 44 war clock because I was involved with this parachute unit years ago in 1981.”

Some re-enactment on display recognized the role that female pilots and engineers played in the wars.

Metzi Quesnel, a military collector, said women used to ferry the planes from the United States to Britian during World War II. Women also played this vital role. They built the planes, as well as being test pilots, which is very important.”

Even museum owners like Robert Forsyth from Paul Kruger Country House Museum in Rustenburg in North West Province also found rare and historic items.

Today I found a couple of treasures like this particular one of President Kruger and Stein. It’s 150 years old and it’s fascinating to get these bits and pieces of history and save them for South Africa.

A world-renowned military designer, Pierre de Mardix, showed off ancient military regalia. I can do any military design with pleasure.

Voortrekker Monument Spokesperson Geraldine Paulse said they do not have business people coming to visit the festival and most of the people present are military collectors. We have a few booksellers most of them are collectors, they get too much and now have to sell them.

The monument is a non-profit organization and the funds generated go towards maintaining the heritage site.