South Africa: Aviwe Ara Matumbu Convicted for Murder Committed in June 2013

Two weeks ago, Aviwe Ara Matumbu was sentenced in the Wynberg Cape Regional Court to 15 years in jail in a case of murder he committed in June 2013.

The accused, in his twenties, was a member of the Vura Gang and on the day of the murder he, together with friends, were chasing a group of Vato gang members in Samora Machel. When they could not get them they turned to the victim and assaulted and stabbed him, although he did not belong to any grouping. The victim sustained head injuries and several stab wounds and was the taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. Two days later he succumbed due to his injuries.

With the help of community members, Detective Sergeant Mlonyeni managed to arrest the suspects and the case has been running in court since 2013 until this month, when the accused were convicted in the Wynberg Regional Court.

The Station Commander of Nyanga, Brig Ncata, praised the detective for his good investigative work which led to such a successful conviction. “I hope this conviction will serve as a deterrent to would-be criminals and to those who continue to take the lives of innocent people,” concluded the Station Commander.

Source: South African Police Service