Shrine of Dirre Sheik Hussein on course for inscription on UNESCO’s heritage list

Addis Ababa March 26/2016 The Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council has revealed continued efforts to register the historic Shrine of Dirre Sheik Hussein on United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)list of World Heritages.

President of the Council, Sheik Mohammed-Amin Jemal said in addition to efforts by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the council will partner with universities and other stakeholders to ensure its registration on UNESCO’s list.

“The shrine is home to rich values with continental as well as international significance,” Sheik Mohammed-Amin said.

According to the President, the registration of the Shrine on UNESCO’s World Heritage list will assist in raising the number of visitors coming to Ethiopia.

It was indicated that further efforts are in progress to promote the site among visitors.

Oromia Islamic Affairs Supreme Council President Sheik Ahmed Zakir Sheik Mohammed Saleh for his part assured that efforts of popularizing the Shrine globally will further be maintained.

“The site is a pride for us as it entertained many issues related to the religion of Islam,” Sheik Ahmed Zakir said, mentioning practical activities that aid in the promotion of the site globally.

Located in the South Eastern part of Ethiopia, Dirre Sheik Hussein Shrine, is named after the Islamic Saint Sheik Nur Hussein, one of the Nine Islamic venerated saints.

The Holy site hosts two religious events every year attracting tens of thousands of people from various parts of the country.

“Zara Galgala Gobana”, one of the two annual festivals at the site, entertained speeches from the Presidents of the Federal Islamic Affairs Supreme Council and the Oromia Islamic Affairs Supreme Council.

Both leaders of the faith pledged to maintain efforts of inscribing the Dirre Sheik Hussein Shrine in the UNESCO’s World Heritage list and continue with its wider promotion.

It was indicated that apart from Ethiopians, close to 100 thousand followers of the religion from Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti and Yemen partake in this year’s religious festival.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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