Serbian Companies Eager to Invest in Ethiopia, Says Ambassador

Addis Ababa: Some Serbian investors have shown keen desire to invest in Ethiopia in the field of agriculture in particular, the country’s ambassador said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Aleksandar Ristic said Serbian companies are eager to engage in Ethiopia in different spheres, including in agriculture.

“Serbia has a number of agricultural companies that are very developed and with very skilled people in the sector, particularly in the field of production of seeds. We are aware of the need for seeds in Ethiopia and established contacts between our countries and companies in this field,” he elaborated.

Furthermore, there are other companies interested in joint ventures and producing seeds here in Ethiopia.

According to him, the reforms in the past two and half years in Ethiopia are impressive.

Apart from the ongoing economic and political reforms, major steps have been taken to make Ethiopia conducive for foreign investment, Ambassador Ristic said, adding that “we are therefore encouraging Serbian companies to come here and invest in different sectors.”

The ambassador pointed out that the embassy has “established contacts with several Ethiopian potential partners, and hopes that they will not only trade Serbian goods in Ethiopia but also establish joint venture in their fields.”

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, Serbia is interested to cooperate with Ethiopia in tourism. “We have established contacts and created some projects in tourism. There are a number of Serbian travel agencies interested in bringing people here to visit different sites in the country,” he stated.

Besides the rich historical sites in Ethiopia, there are these days interesting places to visit in Addis Ababa and other parts of the country.

“We are following the development in Addis. I can see in Addis that this is a change which is really brilliant; and we would like to contribute. Because you know Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and Addis Ababa had always good relations.”

Ambassador Ristic added that there is a project in Serbia called Belgrade Waterfront which reminds me a lot about the beautifying of Sheger Project. “We have talked to the former mayor on how to cooperate about these two projects and will discuss same with the new mayor.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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