Resident Ambassadors of Europe, America Briefed on Renaissance Dam

Addis Ababa:  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy have jointly briefed resident ambassadors of European and American countries on the construction and progress of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) today.

Foreign Affairs Minister Gedu Andargachew and Ethiopian National Panel of Experts Member Gedeon Asfaw of Water, Irrigation and Energy briefed the ambassadors.

The aim of the briefing was to update the ambassadors about the current status of the dam and the tripartite negotiations undertaken by Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.

The dam that has been built through full support of the Ethiopian people, has reached a crucial stage when it can generate power, the officials said, elaborating further on the benefits of the dam to the region and the African continent.

Ethiopia is constructing the dam significant in such a manner as to cause no harm to the downstream countries and based on spirit of cooperation and fair utilization of resources, they elaborated.

Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt have been holding series of discussions since the launching of the construction of the dam. And through these discussions they have succeeded in resolving differences, they noted, stressing that Ethiopia still remains committed to resolving problems through negotiations.

They also said Ethiopia appreciates the recent statements of the African Union Commission and UN Secretary General about the dam.

After the briefing, respective ambassadors raised ideas on the mechanisms the tripartite discussion could follow and the role of the African Union.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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