Research Based Activities Critical to Reduce COVID-19 Related Damages, Says Minister

Addis ababa: Researches and studies should be used as the means to contain the spread of COVID-19 and to alleviate the damages caused by it, Science and Higher Education Minister Hirut Woldemariam said.

Over 30 researches related to COVID-19 are being conducted by various universities, it was revealed.

Addressing the second virtual discussion with scholars about COVID-19 today, Science and Higher Education Minister Hirut said the best way to reduce the damage caused by COVID-19 is to actively engage in knowledge-based research.

“The platform we created recently with various scholars and researchers is absolutely significant to create partnership and generate new ideas, views and perspectives on various issues,” she added.

The minister stressed that studies and researches should be undertaken in massive way in order to avoid rumors, speculations and assumptions related to the pandemic.

Presenting a paper on the recent trends of COVID-19, COVID-19 Task Force Coordinator, Dr. Sintayehu Tsegaye said quarantines should be given attention since most of the infections are  from mandatory quarantines.

Attention should be also be given to the society so as to reduce the worst case scenario that could be happened in the country, he added.

Young Lives International Study of Childhood Poverty Director, Alula Pankhurst said children, adolescents and youth are at greater risk with loss of education and risk of violence.

Street vendors, the disabled, beggars, international migrant returnees, internally displaced persons and refugees are identified as high risks for COVID-19.

The discussion was organized by Ministry of Science and Higher Education in collaboration with Ethiopian Science Academy and Ministry of Health.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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