Reports that President Zuma’s convoy killed pedestrian untrue

The Presidency has been alerted to a tweet reportedly by Johannesburg Mayor Mr Herman Mashaba alleging that President Jacob Zuma’s convoy was involved in a fatal car accident on Friday (18 November 2016).

The tweet states as follows: “I have just received the terrible news that President Zuma’s blue lights brigades killed a friend Solly Moutlana yesterday”.

It is unfortunate that Mr Mashaba, if the tweet is indeed by him, seeks to create an impression that a SAPS convoy transporting the President caused this painful loss of life which is totally untrue and misleading.

The President was in East London on Friday to participate in the National Council of Province’s Taking Parliament to the People event, having travelled from Cape Town. From East London he flew to KwaZulu-Natal province. He left Pretoria on Tuesday.

The Presidency, on enquiry, has been informed that police are investigating a case involving the knocking of a pedestrian by a car driven by a police officer in Pretoria. The pedestrian subsequently passed away. The SAPS would be better placed to provide clarity on the matter.

The Presidency extends heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased on this tragic loss.

The Presidency remains ready to assist the Mayor of Johannesburg in future with clarity on matters affecting the Presidency to ensure the accuracy of information being disseminated.

Source: The Presidency Republic of South Africa.