Religious Fathers Call for Solidarity, Unity in New Year

Addis Ababa: Ethiopian religious fathers have called on the public to maintain solidarity and strengthen unity in a bid to pave way for national prosperity in the upcoming New Year.

The religious leaders approached by ENA urged all Ethiopians to pledge work hard for peace, true love and prosperity to their country in the new year.

They advised fellow Ethiopians to play their key role and be committed in order to maintain solidarity, social cohesion and unity of the country which are vital to national prosperity.

The religious fathers also stressed the need to enhance culture of peaceful discussions among the various segments of societies in Ethiopia so as to avoid hostility that hinders solidarity and unity.

They underscored the importance of educating the new generation about the values of solidarity.

Everyone should strive to start the New Year with a new plan by considering it as a golden opportunity for change, the religious leaders said.

The religious leaders further wished the year to be a year of prosperity and that every person abstains from negativity.

The Bible Advises us always to live in peace, said the Secretary General of Ethiopian Catholic Church Episcopal Conference, Abba Teshome Fikre, and called on the nation to make every effort in order to be a source and tool of peace and harmony to their country and people.

President of Ethiopian Evangelical Churches Union, Pastor Tsadiku Abdo also wished the spirit of peace and prosperity in the New Year. “I wish eradication of evil doings and I hope that we will stand together in true love and caring each other.”

Secretary General of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, Sheck Kasim Mohammed Tajudin said on his part that religious leaders can contribute a lot for integration, unity and peace, “as a religious leader we pray for unity, and caring each other in the New Year.”

Head of External Affairs at the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Holy Abune Aregawi wished the year to be “a year of peace and prosperity.”



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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