Press Secretary Says Ethiopia, Sudan Do Not Have Significant Conflicting Nat’l Interests

Addis Ababa:   Ethiopia and Sudan do not have significant conflicting national interests that undermine their long-lasting relationship, according to the Press Secretary Negusu Tilahun.

In an exclusive interview with al Ain news of the United Arab Emirates, Press Secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister Negusu Tilahun said some media outlets with hidden agenda  have distorted and presented the conflict around the Sudanese border.

The press secretary, who noted the historic relationship between Ethiopia and Sudan that share  long border, said the lack of uniformity in demarcation has been creating sporadic conflicts like in other parts of the world.

This would be resolved by the local communities and administrations in due course, he added.

However, the attempt of media outlets with hidden agenda to blemish the brotherly relationship of the people of Ethiopia and Sudan by distorting the facts has failed, Negusu said.

The press secretary pointed out that the relationship of Ethiopia with neighboring countries is based on mutual respect and understanding, adding that it has also shown the ability to repulse  forces which trespass its sovereignty by violating its interest and honor with proportionate force.

According to him, some of the media would work to undermine the long-standing ties between the tow countries by disseminating exaggerated and unbalanced reports.

Though the recent conflict was not different from the past occurrences, the media have used it to reflect their hidden agenda and desires.

Getting the right information from the right sources would be beneficial to the public since the information disseminated would in no way benefit the people of Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt, Negusu stressed.

The press secretary noted that both Sudanese and Egyptian media have the tendency to distort  information on even internal affairs such as the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and about border issues.

He urged the people of Sudan to give deaf ear to such erroneous information by taking into consideration the historical and cultural ties it has with the Ethiopian people.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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