President Calls on Ethiopians to Continue their Support for GERD in New Year

Addis  Ababa:  President Sahlework Zewde called on all Ethiopians to continue their support to successfully realize the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) in the New Year.

In her New Year message, the president said that the nation was able successfully accomplish the first-round filling of the dam in the year by overcoming the enormous diplomatic influences.

This impressive achievement has brought hope to all Ethiopians for the future development of their country, she added.

“We have seen and heard the good things that will make us hope for tomorrow, as we have already achieved the first-round filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.”

As the current fiscal year is critical to witness grand achievements on the overall project of the dam, she urged all Ethiopians to further continue their unreserved support to the realization of the GERD.

Stating that COVID-19 has been one of the key challenges that Ethiopians are facing over the past months, she indicated the corrective measures taken by the government in order to minimize the devastative effects of the pandemic.

President Sahilework further expressed her concern regarding citizen’s weak consciousness being observed currently about the virus.

At present, facemask is considered as a major medical instruction put forwarded by the world Health Organization to effectively contain the pandemic, however, the president noted there are still problems as to the proper usage of facemasks based on the guidelines put in place by medical professionals.

In this regard, she pointed out that the recently launched month long COVID-19 prevention campaign dubbed “Mask Ethiopia”, is critical instrument as it aims at containing the spread of the virus before it becomes out of control.

Since the campaign is not the final outcome, she said adding “what we need now is to intensify the awareness campaign to encourage people properly use facemasks in order to effectively curb the virus.”

She also urged the general public to play its responsibility in the fight against the pandemic by applying the necessary medical guidelines properly.

The president wished a happy New Year to all Ethiopians and hoped that the New Year will be of peace, health, prosperity as well as unity.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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