PM Visits the New COVID-19 Temporary Emergency Hospital

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today visited the new temporary Emergency Hospital opened in Addis Ababa to enhance the nation’s preparedness capacity to tackle COVID–19 pandemic in the country.
The Emergency Hospital established within one of the exhibition centers in the capital, known as ‘Millennium Hall’ has a capacity of more than one thousand beds.

The hospital has also been equipped with 40 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and 60  recovery patient beds.

In addition to the set up of vital laboratory equipment, more than 1000 work force including 700 medical professionals have been assigned for the hospital.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed lauded the effort exerted to realize the emergency hospital set-up within short period of time.

“This morning I visited the COVID19 treatment center recently setup within Millenium Hall by our very able and capable medical professionals. I am pleased at how quickly the site was transformed to a hospital setup” Abiy said.

He has also affirmed the continuation of the preparedness for any extreme eventualities in similar large spaces.

As of Sunday, the number of COVID -19 cases reported in Ethiopia reached 108.





Source: Ethiopia News agency

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