PM Urges Christians to Strengthen National Unity, Cooperation in ‘Meskel’ Message

Addis Ababa : In his Happy ‘Meskel’ greetings to followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church today, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called on all Christians to celebrate the holiday in the spirit of strengthening national unity and cooperation.

Ethiopian Orthodox Christians will celebrate ‘Meskel,’ the finding of the True Cross, this weekend.

In his ‘Meskel’ message to the faithful, the premier said the Holy Cross is a symbol of victory and challenge for Christians.

The cross is a reminder that both obstacle and sacrifice to the point of death, and none can  stop one from victory, he stated.

The country has been going through similar paths of difficulties and victory. Human beings do not only face challenges but also believe in victory that enables them to endure and pass the difficulties, Abiy elaborated.

For Christians, the cross is also considered as power and redemption by symbolizing their faith. Likewise, Ethiopia’s journey to prosperity is a very important and precious gift for its people.

“Our country has been plagued by poverty and backwardness, famine and pestilence for centuries; and Ethiopia seeks her children to bring her honor and fame to a level of prosperity by relieving of its burden,” he underscored.

Abiy said Ethiopians must take a lesson and avoid obstacles that aggravate their sufferings as  they only about  gloom and doom.

“They want us to endure suffering forever. They do not provide medicine for our wounds, food for our hungry stomachs, and clothing for our naked bodies, except to make us live in permanent sorrow and grief,” he stressed..

Abiy specifically blamed the victimhood political narrative that will not provide lasting solutions to the country’s deep-rooted problems.

Finally, he called on all Christians to celebrate the feast in the spirit of strengthening national unity and cooperation.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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