PM Abiy Holds Phone Conversation with Russian President

Addis abab Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Russian President, Vladimir Putin have held a phone conversation today to discuss on ways of containing COVID-19.

During their conversation, both leaders stressed on the significance of invigorating efforts of the international community, including the IMF and the World Bank, to combat the epidemic.

Prime Minister Abiy and President Putin have also exchanged views on some topical aspects of developing bilateral relations between the two countries.

“In my phone call with Vladimir Putin, we discussed to strength relations between Ethiopia and Russia in addressing the COVID19 crisis,” Abiy twitted.

“I am particularly pleased that President Putin champions coordinated support from the IMF, World Bank and G-20 for the African continent as we work to withstand economic shocks,” he added.

Likewise, Prime Minister Abiy held phone talks with World Bank President, David Malpass on Monday.

The two parties exchanges views on debt suspension issues in a move to counter the economic shock posed by COVID-19.

They also discussed on additional financial support for response efforts.





Source: Ethiopia News agency

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