Panel Participants Say Irreecha Festival Solidifies Peaceful Coexistence of Nations, Nationalities

Addis Ababa : The celebration of the Irrecha festival signifies respect and peaceful coexistence of nations and nationalities, panel discussion participants said.

A panel that brought together representatives from different nations and nationalities to discuss Irreecha festival which will celebrated on Saturday in the capital city was held today.

Some participants of the panel discussion told ENA that the festival creates a platform to further exchange cultural values and strengthen social bonds among nations and nationalities.

Emebet Tadesse, who noted that all Ethiopia’s nations and nationalities have rich culture and festivals, said adding the celebration of such grand festivals as Irreecha creates opportunity for  the nations and nationalities to better know each other.

“This festival does not only belong to the Oromo. All nations and nationalities need to celebrate it with their Oromo brothers and sisters as it promotes unity, respect, and peaceful coexistence,” she added.

The other participant, Samson Tamiru said celebrating such festivals together helps to enhance  cultural exchanges and strengthen the relationship between the Oromo people and the other nations and nationalities of the country.

He stressed that all nations and nationalities should own the festival as it consolidates the harmony of nations and nationalities.

Derartu Oliqa said on her part all nations and nationalities should play their role in preserving the assets and values of their culture and pass them to the next generation.

“Irreecha festival helps to exchange culture among nations and nationalities of the country,” she added.

Irreecha festival is celebrated this year in the capital city and Bishoftu on October 3 and 4, 2020 respectively with a limited number of people due to COVID-19.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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