Oromo People Urged to Celebrate Irrecha Peacefully, Pass Values to Next Generation

Addis Ababa : The Oromo people need to pass the values of Irreecha festival which is an emblem of peace, unity, and love to the next generation, Aba Gadas said.

The Irreecha festival (Thanksgiving Day) is celebrated annually by the Oromo people in Ethiopia to mark the end of the rainy season.

Aba Gadas (chieftains) of the Oromo stressed that the festival should be free from politics and never reflect political views.

Aba Gada Aliy Mohammed told ENA that the thanksgiving ceremony is held to praise Waaqa (God) for peace, health, forgiveness, fertility, and abundance it gave to the Oromo land and beyond.

According to him, Irreecha promotes diversity among cultures and creates positive and constructive engagement among all nations and nationalities in the country.

“Irreecha is more than politics,” Aba Gada Aliy noted, adding that “political parties go and change. However, the culture and tradition of the people will last forever.”

Aba Gada Abdurazaq Ahmed said on his part that the Irreecha festival advances reconciliation among the Oromo and the other nations and nationalities.

“This festival is not only of the Oromo but also that of others. We should, therefore, safeguard the values of the festival and pass it to the next generation.”

He added that “Irreecha is not a political festival. A festival is a place where elders, friends, families, and relatives get together to celebrate the day of joy and happiness.”

Aba Gada Warqina Teressa stated that Irreecha means love, unity, and prosperity. On this day the Oromo people thank God for ending the rainy season and ushering in the bright, hopeful, and colorful season.

He strongly criticized some individuals that have been trying to turn the festival into a form of politics. Irreecha festival is where people praise God for the peace, love, and reconciliation He gave them.

“All should therefore safeguard and stand together to celebrate this festival peacefully,” Aba Gada Warqina underscored.

He finally urged the Oromo people to celebrate the festival as a symbol of unison among all nations and nationalities.

Irreecha festival is celebrated this year in the capital city and  Bishoftu on October 3 and 4, 2020 respectively with a limited number of people due to COVID-19.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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