No New COVID-19 Cases in Ethiopia as Preventative Measures Intensified

Addis ababa: No new COVID-19 case was reported in Ethiopia over the past 24 hours, the first such instance in almost a month, Ministry of Health announced today.

Ethiopia has nearly 116 coronavirus cases so far, with three deaths and 21 recoveries.

Though a total of 965 laboratory tests were conducted over the past 24 hours, no one tested positive for the virus, the ministry affirmed.

The Ministry said this was the first time after the first case confirmed on March 12, that no new case was reported across the country.

However, it added that “zero positive results among 965 tested individuals do not indicate the decline of COVID-19 in Ethiopia, but it showed the tested individuals were not infected with the virus.”

The ministry, therefore, urged the general public to continue applying all preventive actions and comply with government’s protective decisions.

As of today the country has conducted a total of 10, 736 COVID-19 tests, with 116 confirmed cases, 21 recoveries and three death




Source: Ethiopia News agency

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