NISS Provides Counter-terrorism Training to Members of Security Forces

Addis Ababa: The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) has given Counter Terrorism trainings for security forces working in various security related public institution in Ethiopia.

Management and members of security forces drawn from NISS, Ministry of Defense, the Federal and Addis Ababa Police Commissions, as well as the National Republican Guard and Special Forces of the Oromia Regional State have participated in the training.

According to NISS, the training aims at equipping the security forces with theoretical and practical skills in order to properly identify, prevent and easily foil any acts of terrorism in the country with less cost.

Particularly the training has focused on tactics on how to easily prevent and foil terrorism attempts that could be orchestrated by various terrorism groups like Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Al-Shabaab, to disrupt the peace and development of Ethiopia and the entire region.

The training has also covered the current international realities regarding the subject matter.

The training is believed to have a great deal of contribution to effectively thwart terrorism attempts that might be orchestrated by groups operating in East African countries to harm Ethiopia and its people, it was indicated.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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