New Ethiopian Year Important to People, Gov’t of Ethiopia, Says Japan’s Ambassador

Addis Ababa: Japan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Daisuke Matsunaga said the new Ethiopian year is very important to its people and the government as the country will be back to normal amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Appreciating Ethiopia’s effort in battling coronavirus, the ambassador stated that the country is looking forward to putting this virus behind as soon as possible and endure the prosperity of its people.

“I think the important thing about the New Year is to move to a renewal chapter. We all had some or little difficulties in the past. But we forgot all of them and made fresh start. So I want to encourage Ethiopians to make a new and fresh start this new year,” he elaborated.

Noting the historic relation between the two countries, Ambassador Matsunaga said Japan has remained supportive of Ethiopia.

Japan has offered 30.2 million USD food assistance to COVID-19 and locust affected communities in Ethiopia as well as a 4-million USD worth medical equipment to the effort in battling coronavirus, he stated.

Ambassador Matsunaga further stated that Japan has been contributing to the economic growth of Ethiopia through such assistances.

He added that his country will support Ethiopia in industrialization, strengthening agricultural market accesses, developing quality infrastructure and human resources as well as promoting science and technology.

The ambassador further said Japan is keen to invest in Ethiopia’s telecom sector.

“We are interested in participating in Ethiopia’s investment areas, particularly in the telecom sector which the country has been opening up. We are keen to become an independent operator in this telecom field,” he pointed out.

Finally, Ambassador Matsunaga expressed his best wishes for the people and the Government of Ethiopia on the New Ethiopian Year 2013.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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