National Flag Day Commemorated

Addis Ababa Ethiopia observed today the 13th National Flag Day in the presence of President Sahle-Work Zewde who noted that celebrating the day together will help create citizens who know their history, face it and strive to register achievements that further bolster the country.

The National Flag Day is commemorate in Ethiopia on the first week of October every year.

At a ceremony where members of the House of People’s Representatives and other guests attended to mark the National Flag Day, President Sahle-Work Zewde urged the general public to know the country’s history, face it, and make the flag a source of love, equality, and national unity.

Sahlework said the flag must be a strong national emblem of unity for all Ethiopians. “Whoever we are, our national flag is our unifying emblem,” the president stressed.

According to her, Ethiopians are best identified by their flags among other things. The flag “is the emblem of our unity and pride that evokes uncontrollable feeling.”

The National Flag Day this year was commemorated in different governmental institutions in a scaled back public gathering due to COVID-19.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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