Nation Puts in Place System that Prevents Disruption of Food Aid Distributon in Rainy Season

Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen said Ethiopia has launched emergency food delivery and supervision system that helps provide food for the drought affected areas before the onset of the rainy season.

The deputy premier told ENA that delivery of food aid and food related inputs will not be disrupted even if roads are damaged due to floods.

The government is currently supplying nutrients and food aid to more than 10 million drought affected citizens.

According to Demeke, food delivery and supervision system that ensures sustained food supply is being put in place to withstand any form of disruption of supply.

He said a system which guarantees food aid delivery from port to spot areas is established, and the work underway in this respect is encouraging.

The deputy prime minister noted that the warehouses available in the regional are not sufficient to store the food aid. The regional states are therefore expected to build additional warehouses.

The construction of the warehouses is well underway, he added.

Demeke, who said efforts have also been underway to solve the current congestion at Djibouti Port, added that the congestion has not created impact on both the food supply and human life so far.

Source: ENA