More than 130 migrants disappeared at sea after a sinking of two boats off Djibouti

Djibouti, More than 130 migrants are missing in the morning early this morning off the coast of Djibouti after the sinking of their boat.

The event occurred off Godoria, a locality in the Obock region of northern Djibouti. Alerted by the local population, a Gendarmerie team went to the scene this afternoon. She was able to find five bodies on site, including three women and two men. Two survivors are also reported.

The gendarmerie has used the coastguard to extend the search area. Two stars have been dispatched for this purpose and the operation is in progress.

According to the testimonies collected on site, two Yemeni boats left Godoria this morning around 5.30am. The accident would have occurred because of the overload and the strong swell, about thirty minutes after the departure.

An IOM team visited the scene to inquire about the situation and support public institutions. She was able to find one of the survivors. This is an 18-year-old man who said he took the first boat with 130 people including 16 women. He said he did not have information about the second boat.

As for the five bodies, they were sent to the Obock Medico-Hospital Center by teams from the Ministry of Health.

IOM has a Migrant Counseling and Assistance Center (MRC) in Obock. Currently, more than 500 migrants are being cared for, pending return to their home countries as part of the voluntary return program.

Source: International Organization for Migration