MoFa, Competing Political Parties Undertaking National Conference on GERD

Addis Ababa: A high level national conference, which has brought together the country’s computing political party leaders to discuss on Grand Ethiopian Reminiscence Dam (GERD) issues, is underway at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today.

The conference is being embarked on under the maxim “Our Dam is the Symbol of Unity and Sovereignty”.

Speaking at the opening session, Foreign Minister, Gedu Andargachew briefed leaders of the political parties on the ongoing negotiation and Ethiopia’s diplomacy efforts towards GERD.

The dam is an emblematic manifestation that would help Ethiopia to take out its people from the quagmire of poverty using its water resources, Gedu said.

Ethiopia has passed in very reasonable and moderate tripartite negotiations during the past eight consecutive years to make clear the construction of the dam has no significance harm on the downstream countries as it generates hydropower.

However, Egypt has continued to undermine and create diplomatic pressure on Ethiopia, he said adding that “they are trying to keep the hydropower hegemony and colonialist treaties which is unfair and unacceptable.”

“It is time for us to come together and stand for our sovereignty” Gedu said, adding that all political parties have to make concession leaving aside their political differences as the GERD has becoming a sovereignty concern.

Chairman of Ethiopian Parties Joint Council, Adem Musa said for his part that political parties are ready to support the efforts of the government at national and international level by mobilizing the entire public at home for the rapid finalization of the dam.

He called on the parties to reinforce unity and avoid political polarization as the country is struggling to resolve issues related to the flagship project of the Grand Ethiopian Reminiscence Dam.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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