Ministry to Launch Nationwide Campaign to Free Lake Tana from Water Hyacinth

Addis Ababa: Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy announced plan to carry out a nationwide campaign to remove the water hyacinth from the Lake Tana.

Lake Tana, Ethiopia’s largest lake located in Bahir Dar, capital of the Amhara Regional State, is critically infested with water hyacinth putting the aquatic biodiversity of the lake at extreme risk.

The month long campaign is part of ministry’s previous short, medium and long term plans to tackle the issue of water hyacinth on the Lake Tana.

“At this point we have initiated a nationwide campaign starting from October 19th that will be on-going for a month henceforth,” the ministry said in a statement.

According to the ministry, all regions, city administrations as well as all levels of government and none governmental organizations are expected to actively participate in the campaign.

The ministry has conducted stakeholders consultation with the Amhara regional leaders and university lecturers.

The removal of the water hyacinth will be carried out by plucking and gathering the water hyacinth in designated areas, after which it will either be dried, burnt or buried.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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