Ministry, Professionals Issue COVID-19 Management Handbook

Addis ababa: Health Minister Dr. Lia Tadesse announced today that the ministry has prepared COVID-19 Management Handbook for front-line health workers in cooperation with health professionals.

According to her, the handbook is the fruit of the collaboration of the ministry and health professional to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

Dr. Lia told ENA that the ministry is closely working with the advisory committee drawn from the health sector to combat the virus.

She added that the advisory committee is coordinating and supporting Ministry of Health, the Ethiopian Public Health Institute, and the tasks of regional states.

The committee is playing a vital role in supporting and advising the ministry on various issues related to the pandemic, it was learned.

Health Professionals Council Chairperson, Dr. Tegbar Gizaw said on his part that the committee has been providing scientific advice with respect to fighting the virus.

Guidelines are among the outcomes of the committee targeted toward solving problems that may arise in light of the newness of the virus, he pointed out.

He further revealed that the committee has submitted manual on the use and discarding of masks to the ministry.

According to the chairperson, a manual for supporting anxious persons making free calls about COVID-19 and another manual for health workers with similar problem have also been made available.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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