Migration Response Centres (MRCs) East and Horn of Africa (01 January 31 December 2019)


A total of 983 migrants were registered at MRCs across the region in December, bringing the overall number of registrations to 11,529 migrants in 2019. During this month, the majority were registered in Metema (468), followed by Bosasso (173), Obock (164), Semera (106) and Hargeisa (72). Migrant registrations in Metema peaked in December compared to previous months. On 15 December alone, 312 individuals who were stranded at the border to Sudan were referred to the MRC Metema to receive IOM support and protection, including transportation assistance to facilitate their return home. Additional registrations were observed at the MRC Metema following a fiveday closure of the EthiopiaSudan border. In the first half of the month, the MRC in Bosasso witnessed a decrease in registrations, due to improved weather conditions allowing migrants to depart from the area towards Yemen.

In constrast to previous months, more females (56%) were registered in December than males (44%). Almost all registered migrants were Ethiopian nationals (99.8%), most commonly from the Oromia (31%), Amhara (18%), and Tigray (8%) regions. Exceptionally this month, the MRC Metema recorded an almost threefold increase in registrees from the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ region (36% overall). Most registrees were headed towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (57%) or towards other Gulf countries (23%). Overall, most migrants reported migrating for economic reasons (81%) while 16% cited educational reasons and 2% reported migrating due to conflict.

A total of 120 children were registered in December. The majority were registered in Hargeisa (48). The MRC in Hargeisa continues to attract a larger number of families compared to other MRCs in the region, due to its location in an area where many migrant families have settled. While all minors registered at the MRC Hargeisa were accompanied, all children tracked in Bosasso, Metema, and Obock were unaccompanied.

Source: International Organization for Migration