Media Persons Say New Policy Provides Essential Mechanisms to Capacitate Media

Addis Ababa: The newly approved mass media policy has provided essential mechanisms that help to create capacity for the country’s media, according to media persons.

The journalists approached by the Ethiopian News Agency said that the new policy will have a significant contribution to the development of Ethiopian media as it equips them with the necessary capabilities.

Tibebu Belete, a journalist, said the policy is critical to help expedite Ethiopia’s inclusive growth by encouraging the media to play its role in serving as a bridge between the public and the government.

“The policy document provides essential mechanisms so as to capacitate the media, which has been badly treated during the past years, particularly the private ones,” he pointed out.

The policy is believed to enable the media to be free from the influences of actors such as political parties and religious institutions.

Tibebu further stated that the policy will play a key role in significantly expanding the media  in Ethiopia, which is at infant stage, particularly in terms of circulation and accessibility.

“The government needs to implement the new policy as soon as possible in order to realize the long-term inclusive targets of the country in general and the sector in particular,” he stressed.

The other journalist, Eshetu Geletu said the policy will promotes professionalism by encouraging free, fair and impartial reporting if implemented properly.

“In addition to encouraging professionalism, the policy prevents dependency of the media institutions on political parties and the influences of other groups,” he noted.

He also stressed the need to create conducive environment for the development of the media in the country as it is one of the industries vital for the nation’s broad-based development endeavors in all sectors.

Ethiopian Broadcast Authority Director-General, Getachew Dinku said the views of the government towards the management and operation of the media has been changing of late.

He further noted that “the commitment of all stakeholders is crucial for the realization of vibrant media. In this regard, the authority is fully committed for the implementation of the policy and we have been working with the relevant government officials for its swift implementation.”

Getachew criticized certain media outlets that are being used “as tools by particular political parties and groups causing havocs in the country.”

The Council of Ministers approved the new mass media policy last August 2020.


Source: Ethiopia News agency