Looking Ahead: The Governing Council of the African Legal Support Facility meets in Lusaka

The Governing Council of the African Legal Support Facility (ALSF) met Monday, May 23, 2016 in Lusaka, Zambia, on the sidelines of the African Development Bank Annual Meetings, to review the Facility’s programmatic work and deliberate on key milestones as well as plan for future requirements of African governments in the context of emerging demands for greater development impact on the continent.

During the 9th formal meeting of the Governing Council the ALSF Director, Stephen Karangizi presented highlights of 2015 from the ALSF’s key strategic priorities areas. He also expounded on the ALSF vision with the context of the global development agenda while integrating the need for sustainability.

“From our experience, we know that African governments continue to face challenges in the negotiation of contracts,” emphasized the ALSF Director. “It is important for us to ensure that we create an agile institution that can respond to match the unique needs of African governments,” he added.

Members of the Governing Council discussed the ALSF’s ongoing Mid-Term Review and called on Management to consider recommendations presented to ensure the process will enhance and aid planning for future strategic engagement and alignment. The Governing Council reiterated its commitment to provide leadership to management at a critical time as the ALSF seeks to consolidate its position and the importance of its work within a rapidly change operating environment.

During the meeting, Charles Boamah, Vice-President of Finance at the African Development Bank, and was reelected as Chairperson of the Governing Council and Christine Agimba was elected as new Vice Chairperson. Also, the members of the Governing Council commended Phillippe Nizeyimana, (Belgium) the outgoing first Vice Chairperson for his dedicated service to the ALSF.

The Governing Council is a statutory body of the ALSF that meets once a year. Members of the Governing Council are drawn from diverse backgrounds in order to provide leadership and steer the work of the Facility in its effort to deliver timely legal advice and technical assistance to African governments.

The 12 members are Alfredo Paulo Mendes (Guinea-Bissau), Joseph Betindji (Central African Republic), Rafique Mahomed (Mozambique), Christine Agimba (Kenya), Osama Mahmoud Humeida (Sudan), Philippe Nizeyimana (Belgium), Henrique Pissaia de Souza (Brazil), Charles Boamah, Chaiperson (African Development Bank Group), Moctar Coulibaly (BIDC) and Holger Grundel (UK), Frieda Nicolai, (Netherlands), and Abdenor Brahmi (France).

Source: African Development Bank Group