Look Ahead, Not Backward on Guenbot 20 Memorial Day, Says PM Abiy

Addis Ababa: The memorial day for fighters who ousted the military government on Guenbot 20 is the day we remember to honor those who sacrificed their precious lives to ensure that oppression, injustice and favoritism are done with, while equality, justice, mutualism and national unity triumph, Prime Minister Abiy said today.

We should remember this day with the above objectives in mind, he added.

We must look ahead by evaluating the past, but never transfixed by the past and staying immobile while celebrating the day, the premier elaborated.

Guenbot 20 is the day that changed the history of modern Ethiopia, he noted. Many brave fighters have laid their precious lives for a democratic, just and peaceful Ethiopia.

Those of us fighters who brought this victory day, Guenbot 20, shouldn’t have regressed backward, Abiy lamented.

Our country should have progressed by leaps and bounds, he stated, adding that the objective of those fighters can be met only when we succeed in building a better Ethiopia than during the military regime.

This is not a time for complacency, PM Abiy said, adding that we should instead not only extract Ethiopia from its bad situation but also make it attain prominence.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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