IOM Djibouti: Monthly Report # 17 – February 2021

• An emergency room inaugurated in the medical and hospital center of Dikhil.

• 480 migrants received emergency assistance through IOM’s mobile unit in the Obock region.

• 34 vulnerable migrants benefited from the assisted voluntary return program.

• Renewal of the agreement granting financial support to the ONARS migration unit.


IOM continues to provide assistance to vulnerable migrants at the Migrant Orientation and Assistance Center (COAM) in Obock. They receive food, non-food items (NFI) as well as medical and psychosocial assistance thanks to the support of the European Union.

Through the establishment of its mobile unit in July 2020, migrants in distress in the Obock region receive water, food and emergency medical care. The most vulnerable among them benefit from IOM’s voluntary return program.

An agreement was signed to renew financial support for the migration unit of the National Office for Assistance to Refugees and Sinister (ONARS) which provides assistance to vulnerable migrants. This agreement is part of the project “Sustainable solutions for host populations, refugees and migrants in Djibouti, funded by the European Union”.

IOM has built an emergency room within the Dikhil medical and hospital center to facilitate access to health care for migrants and Djiboutians.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, IOM launched the national strategy for the engagement of the Djiboutian diaspora in the development of the country.

The DTM (Displacement Tracking Matrix) program teams continued to observe movements at the various flow monitoring points across the country.

Source: International Organization for Migration

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