IGAD Warns Communities Precautions Due to Increased Flood Risk

Addis Ababa The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) warned communities along the Shebele River to take immediate precautions due to the increased level of flood risk in the coming week.

In a press release sent to ENA from Nairobi, ICPAC pointed out that the catchment has received above average rainfall in the last ten days and rainfall forecasts indicate continued rainfall in the next ten days.

The current water level at various locations along the river is very close to the bank full level.

“River levels being very close to flooding at various locations, further rainfall in the catchment may lead to flooding, according to ICPAC.

Moreover, it stated that across the region, many weather stations recorded the highest amounts of rainfall in 40 years or even the highest amount of rain since records began.

According to rainfall forecast 11-20 May, heavy rainfall above 200 millimeter forecasted in a few areas of Central and Western Kenya, and Western Ethiopia.

On other hand, moderate to heavy rainfall between 50-200 mm is expected over parts of central and southwestern Kenya, some parts of Rwanda, central Somalia, western Ethiopia, most parts of South Sudan, and Southern parts of Sudan.

Light rainfall below 30 millimeter is expected over much of Northern and Western Tanzania, Burundi, much of Uganda, the larger western Kenya, southern Ethiopia, parts of southern Sudan, and Sudan.

ICPAC also predicted that dry conditions are expected in much of southern and central Tanzania, eastern Kenya, northern Somalia, northeastern Ethiopia, Djibouti, eastern Eritrea, and central and northern Sudan.

Last week Lake Victoria’s water level has surged to its highest level in more than half a century posing a threat to the nearby communities.

The Lake is a huge trans-boundary water body shared by Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda with about 23 rivers that bring water into the lake.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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