IGAD Forecasts Warmer, Drier Season in Eastern Africa

Addis Ababa :  A drier than usual season is expected in most parts of the Eastern Africa region, including Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, most of Uganda, Kenya, southern, central and north-western Somalia and southern Ethiopia, according to IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC).

The 56th Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forum was convened yesterday by ICPAC, in collaboration with the national meteorological and hydrological services in the region and other partners, to issue the October to December 2020 rainy season forecast for the region.

The months from October to December are important rainfall season for Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, and southern Ethiopia.

According to a press statement of ICPAC, rains are expected to start late, compared to the

1981-2010 average onsets over Tanzania, Burundi, eastern Kenya, southern and central Somalia and southern Ethiopia.

“A drier than usual season is expected in most parts of the region, including Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, most of Uganda, Kenya, southern, central and north-western Somalia and southern Ethiopia,” it stated.

The press release added that “warmer than usual temperatures are expected over most of the region with higher temperatures expected in western Uganda, central South Sudan, northeaster Sudan, parts of southern Kenya and over Tanzania’s coast.”

Considering the threats of floods, the desert locust invasion and the COVID-19 pandemic, ICPAC recommended regional and national authorities to use this seasonal forecast to adjust contingency plans, and to update them with ten days and monthly forecasts provided by ICPAC and the National Meteorological Services.

ICPAC is a Climate Center accredited by the World Meteorological Organization that provides Climate Services for 11 East African Countries.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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