House Urges Institutions to Prepare Legal Frameworks to Contain COVID-19

Addis Ababa : The House of Peoples Representatives (HPR) has urged institutions to perform their overall activities on the basis of the legal framework they prepare to contain the spread of COVID-19 with Ministry of Health.

Briefing journalists today, HPR Speaker Tagesse Chaffo said a decision that makes institutions to act according to the legal frameworks that they jointly prepare with Ministry of Health was passed yesterday to contain  COVID-19.

The speaker noted that the legal frameworks shall be prepared by respective ministries together with Ministry of Health.

Accordingly, the overall activities of all sectors including education, transport, hotel, and tourism  as well as socio-economic activities will be performed on the basis of the legal frameworks.

As the postponed general election will also take place this Ethiopian year, the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia needs to prepare a legal framework together with the ministry, he stated.

The speaker further revealed that schools, technical and vocational education training institutions and universities will be reopened in accordance with the legal frameworks prepared by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and Ministry of Health.

Tagesse pointed out that the standing committees of the respective sectors in the house and health sectors at all levels will follow up the implementation of the frameworks in all socio-economic sectors.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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