House Approves over 48 Billion Birr Supplementary Budget

Addis Ababa: The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) has approved today the 48.6 billion birr requested supplementary budget to help the federal government deal with prevailing problems.

The supplementary budget will help withstand the economic impacts caused by COVID19 at national level.

The 12 to 15 billion birr budget approved to prevent the pandemic this Ethiopian fiscal year being utilized for same purpose, it was learned.

However, as the budget is not sufficient the government has requested supplementary budget, Deputy Acting Government Whip Mesfin Cherinet said.

To cover this cost, 28.6 billion birr budgetary support was extended by development partners and the remaining 20 billion birr  is expected to be covered with loan to be obtained from local sources, he added.

The budget will be utilized for the purchase of materials that would help contain the pandemic  and for humanitarian aid.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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