Hora Arsedi: Opportune Moment to Promote Irreecha’s Icon

Addis Abeba Participants of the Hora Arsedi Irreecha said the celebration of the day is a unique opportunity to promote the historical cultural heritage of Ethiopia to the rest of the world.

Hora Arsedi Irreecha, a Thanksgiving ritual, today spectacularly celebrated in the town of Bishoftu.

Irreecha has been celebrated on the shoreline of Lake Hora Arsedi and in public places where many people turned out to join the day in massive adherents.

Participants expressed their contentment and delighted to celebrate the festival as it is an emblem of unity, love and forgiveness.

The festival has been held in attendance of Aba Gadas, Hada Sinqes as well as thousands of people drawn from various parts of the country.

Led by Aba Gadas, the participants dressed in traditional clothes and carried bunch of straw and daisies in their hands praising, blessing and praying to Waaqa (God) in songs.

Some participants told to ENA that despite limited attendees in this year’s festival due to COVID-19, the day observed in accordance with its traditional values.

Alem Biru, who attended the Irreecha festival in Hora Arsedi, said the celebration goes beyond its traditional ritual it also by and large promoting Ethiopia to the rest of the world.

She noted that this year the Irreecha festival has commemorated with limited number of people as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a global health threat.

“I think it is a good decision to mark the festival in this way to contain the spread of pandemic,” she added.

Abrahem Tilahun, who also attended the Hora Arsedi Irreecha festival in Bishoftu, said Irreecha symbolizes peaceful coexistence of diversity of people and beliefs in Ethiopia.

So, Irreecha’s celebration will create opportunities to promote the country and attract tourists, he said.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed thanked all those who contributed to the peaceful conclusion of Irreecha festival both in Addis Ababa and Hora Arsedi in the town of Bishoftu.

“Public festivals are one of the most important forums where we inform the world that our country’s cultures and values are based on peace and cooperation,” he added.

The annual Irreecha festival of the Oromo people marks the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the harvest season.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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