Highlights of the Last Ethiopian Year 2012

Only hours are left to bid adieu to the Ethiopian year 2012 and welcome the new year. In the year that is phasing out significant events have taken place. The following are the highlights of the year.

Unity Park was inaugurated in the first month of the year. The park which has attracted many visitors rests on 40 hectares of land.

  • Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed won the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.
  • The ruling coalition front (EPRDF) merged to form a new party called Prosperity Party. All  partner regional parties of the defunct front joined the party, except Tigray People’s Liberation Front.
  • Referendum took place in Sidama zone and the Sidama voted overwhelmingly to become a  regional state.
  • Ethiopia launched its first ever satellite into space.
  • Genale Dawa III hydroelectric power plan was inaugurated. It has the capacity to generate 250 mega watts.
  • The House of Federation passed a decision for Constitutional interpretation with regard to the request to postpone the general election in the country because of COVID-19.
  • The House of Federation extended the term of the House of People’s Representatives and postponed the election for not more than one year after the containment of the virus.
  • The popular singer Hachalu Hundessa was assassinated, thus triggering conflicts in some parts of Oromia Regional State.
  • The Growth Domestic Product of the country reached 3.4 trillion Birr from 2.2 trillion Birr two years before the reform.
  • To the joy of Ethiopians, the first phase filling of the dam was completed successfully.
  • A two-week coronavirus testing campaign to test about 200,000 people was  launched.
  • Ethiopian and South Sudanese intelligence agencies agreed to work together to prevent illegal firearm trafficking, terrorism and effectively control the borders of the two countries.
  • Coronaviurs was detected in Ethiopia  and state of emergency declared.
  • The green Entoto and Sheger projects in the capital city were completed.
  • The Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund extended over 5.8 million Birr for the five projects selected in the first round.
  • The Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Factory started producing sanitizer and face masks to protect the nation from coronavirus.
  • The completion of second round of the five billion tree plantation campaign was successfully completed ahead of the plan.
  • Sheger project was inaugurated just before the end of the Ethiopia year 2012.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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