Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing Project Cluster Members Receive 1.9 Mn. Birr

Addis Ababa: Some eleven Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM) Project cluster members have received 1.9 million Birr assistance today.

Briefing journalists, GEM Project Coordinator Heyeru Hussien said the beneficiaries are Micro and Small scale Manufacturing Enterprises (MSMEs) operating in GEM project target sectors of textile, leather and handcraft.

According to him, the financial support is aimed at encouraging the enterprises to put their best efforts forward on identified areas of improvements and implement them to reach their sustainable consumption and production related goals.

The overall objective of the support is to catalyze the adaptation of sustainable consumption and production practices and principles in the manufacturing sector in general and textile, leather and handcraft sectors in particular, he stated.

Specifically, the support enables model cluster member enterprises to implement and demonstrate innovative and new sustainable consumption and production practices, and to increase the likelihood of replicating more MSMEs, the coordinator pointed out.

Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association Secretary-General, Yesuf Ademnur said on his part that the financial support would create job opportunities for the youth by encouraging and scaling up the capacity of the enterprises.

He further urged the enterprises to use the finance for the targeted purposes.

The financial support to the enterprises was extended by Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association (ECCSA), PRECISE Consult International, and Innovative Organizations (Inoa).

Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM) Project is funded by the European Union under the Switch Africa Green Initiative that targets to support more than 100 MSMEs adopting sustainable consumption and production practices and seizing green growth opportunities, thus contributing to improved economic performance of private sector and to the enhancement of their international competitiveness.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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