Gov’t Warns to Take Measures for Unconstitutional Power Grab

Addis Abeba : Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed warned to take the necessary measure on those pushing for unconstitutional ways to grab political power in Ethiopia.

In a recorded speech on current issues, Abiy said that some opposition parties are demanding to capitalize on uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic to snatch power and jeopardize national stability.

Demanding for participatory democratic system is among the emerging aspirations in modern Ethiopian history, he said adding that the forthcoming national election is a crucial landmark to address such public dreams.

The long-awaited dream comes true but he said “youth should not die, mothers should not cry and houses should not be blow up just so politicians can take power.”

Prime Minister Abiy, however, warned to take measures on those opposition parties who are ramming for undemocratic and illegal power grab attempt amid coronavirus pandemic in the country.

COVID-19 outbreak has forced the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) to postpone the highly-anticipated general election scheduled to be held on August 29, 2020 and the parliament approved the decision last Tuesday.

Following the announcement of NEBE, the government has been studying various alternatives by lawmakers, and that legislators have provided legal alternatives for the elections and held discussions with stakeholders.

According to the Ethiopian constitution, the term of office for the government is five years, which means the incumbent’s constitutional mandate will come to an end on 10 October 2020.

Aware of the term office, the government has nominated four proposals as potential remedies to manage the power vacuum that would occur when its current term expires.

Finally the parliament has endorsed the constitutional interpretation, which is the fourth proposal, for the postponement of election 2020.

Prime Minister Abiy underscored that “Prosperity party has the responsibility to govern the country until the next of general election and resolve the COVID-19 crisis.”

Therefore, Prime Minster Abiy said there is no legal or constitutional right to split power without elections, warning political parties claim power is neither democratic nor constitutional ways.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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