Gov’t Taking Rescue Measures for Leather Industry

Addis Ababa: The Government of Ethiopia is undertaking measures to rescue leather manufacturing industries from impacts of COVID-19 pandemic.

Leather Industry Development Institute Communication Director, Berhanu Serjebo told ENA that leather industries have been granted credit services alongside the provision of raw leather.

The director revealed that some of the factories were forced to stop production and layoff due to the pandemic.

Thus measures have been taken to facilitate credit service, provide raw leather, and search international market for their products, he explained.

Currently, the companies have started production and agreements made with the government to rescue the sector.

“Some eight companies were forced to stop production and give forced leave to employees, and about six factories fully stopped production and closed the factories due to COVID-19, ”Berhanu stataed, adding that “ the factories have now started production.”

The government has also pledged to provide protective equipment such as sanitizers and face masks to the factories workers, it was learned.

According to the director, the institute is also focusing on searching new market destinations to the leather sector.

“We were, for instance, restricted to markets in the Far East and Asian countries. But now we have identified that there is big market in Africa and Europe. We are trying to penetrate African and European markets through our embassies,” he elaborated.

Berhanu  further pointed out that the factories and the government have also reached agreement to shift their production to gloves, shoes and face masks that protect health professionals from COVID-19.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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