Gov’t Strives to Curtail Possible Incidence of Food Insecurity

The Government of Ethiopia is working to curtail the possible incidence of food insecurity following the spread of coronavirus pandemic, Ministry of Agriculture said.
Briefing journalists today, Minister of Agriculture, Ummer Hussien said preparations are underway against all odd-on social and economic crisis posed by COVID-19.

Nearly 20 percent of Ethiopia’s population is living below poverty line, he said adding that this state of condition could exacerbate food insecurity in the country.

Vulnerability to the pandemic could also threaten to inputs supply, export, safety net program, as well as products and productivities, he stated.

Perceptive to the gravity of the challenges, the government has launched short and long-term plans to curb the possible prevalence of food insecurity risk, he said.

He stated that measures are being taken to increase food production both in type and extent through developing irrigational schemes.

On the other hand, the government has already apportioned more than 70 percent agricultural inputs like fertilizer, insecticide and other mechanization resources to the farmers across the country, Umer said.

Some 69,000 development extension staffs have been working alongside health professionals to raise the awareness of the farmers and pastoralists as well as on ways of preventing the coronavirus.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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